The effectiveness and success of a plan centers on the degree to which it is properly coordinated and implemented. During the planning process, we deemed it a foremost priority to devise and establish a monitoring mechanism that would enable us to evaluate our progress over the five-year horizon, in terms of achieving the goals and objectives of the plan.

The most critical component of the monitoring and evaluation mechanism will be the introduction of a dedicated unit, mandated with overseeing the implementation of the plan over the five years. In addition to coordinating projects that require inter-departmental cooperation, the unit will also be tasked with overseeing and reviewing the effectiveness of new policy measures during and after the implementation process, working in conjunction with technical staff from other relevant divisions and sections.

Furthermore we plan to keep track of our progress by continuing to update the internal Strategic Plan website, which was used during the planning process to gather the feedback and input of the employee base. Lastly, the Strategic Plan will be complemented by the work plans for each operational area of the MMA, which will be evaluated and reviewed at the beginning and end of each calendar year.